Q: Dr Petricevic-Riedl, how did it come about that you started to purify and enhance your own water?

A: I got involved with the subject of water many years ago, especially with the different ways of energising drinking water. At that time it quickly became clear to me that first of all, the basic water should be pure and unsaturated. What is the point of gems or crystals or the numerous other vitalisation devices that are on the market, when the basics are not in and the water is saturated with pollutants? One can get into other methods of energisation after this.

Q: But why should one drink enhanced water at all? Isn't tap water or bottled from the supermarket sufficient?

Dr P: That depends on one's own demands and how aware one is of one's nutritional needs. For me and my family, it was absolutely clear that we didn't want to risk the contamination. I recommend the same thing to my patients.

Q: Contamination - in what way?

Dr P: The water companies do their utmost to treat the water for us and indeed do this with great technical effort and in accordance with the regulations laid down by the authorities. As suggested, this occurs within the framework of the legal stipulations, meaning that the drinking water gets tested and cleaned according to the current drinking water regulations.

The problem in the meantime is that there are far more substances in the water, than are covered in the drinking water regulations. For example various medications get into the water cycle through people ingesting them and then using the toilet. Antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, sleeping tablets, hormones and other substances of this kind are not however covered in the water regulations. Consequently they don't need to be controlled or filtered out. This problem obviously also concerns mineral water because water circulation is a closed cycle and such pollutants does not stay away from a water source in nature. A further problem is pollutants which get directly into our water supply straight after the water companies have treated it.

Many pipes which transport the water from the plant to the household contain copper and you will still find lead pipes in some old houses. Lead and copper are highly toxic for our bodies beyond a certain concentration, which is the reason why only small amounts are allowed in drinking water according to the regulations. The water works are obligated to keep to the established guidelines and we can be sure that this is guaranteed. These values are often looked into in the water works but not after the water has travelled through the piping. Consequently, after the water leaves the treatment plant, there can be theoretically a much higher amount of lead, copper or other substances getting into the water supply. 

Q: Isn't it better to drink mineral water?

Dr P: It seems to be an obvious alternative if you leave the ecological argument out of the picture. You have to look at the fact that only 33 substances are given limits in mineral water. In this way mineral water doesn't need to be controlled anywhere near as closely as our tap water. I am not aware of any individual suppliers who voluntarily undertake stronger controls.

I would personally always prefer enhanced water, alone because of the lower mineral content and our responsibility towards the environment. Finally we shouldn't forget that each individual can make his or her contribution to the environment by having a water enhancement system. From my viewpoint, it doesn't make sense ecologically to fill bottles in France and transport them to Germany to sell when I can take the tap water already available to me and enhance it on location.

Q: How come a lower mineral content is good? Surely minerals are important?

Dr P: For me this is a deciding factor actually. Our bodies need minerals, only they should be in a form which is bio available, so that our bodies can absorb them.

Q: What do you mean by this?

Dr P: Minerals behave like other nutrients in that the body can assimilate them best when they are in an organic form - that means in the form of fresh and natural food stuffs. The reason for this is that plants contain a lot of secondary substances apart from nutrients, such as enzymes which enhance the uptake of nutrients in the body. Many people obviously know the example of vitamin C. If one takes it in extracted form, known as ascorbic acid, a big part isn’t used at all. That vitamin C which is contained in an apple or orange on the other hand is easily absorbed by the body.

The behaviour is similar with minerals. Minerals dissolved in water, not organically bound minerals and trace elements are absorbed insufficiently by the body and eventually have to be flushed out through the kidneys. As the kidneys only flush out a certain amount each day, what accumulates then gets deposited. With people who don't drink much water or have salty diets, toxins can form so quickly.

Q: So does water low in minerals have an advantage?

Dr P: Yes for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are less inorganic minerals as a result and secondly, due to its purity, it is much more able to detoxify the body and that means it can absorb uneliminated salts and flush them out.

This has been proved by a University Clinic. It was shown most clearly that water low in minerals will detoxify the body up to 37.5% better.

Source: Natuerlich Leben und Heilen e.V. (Natural living and healing -incorporated society)

Q: Isn't really pure water damaging even? In school we learn however that distilled water isn't even drinkable...

Dr P: I don't know who started this rumour but it's definitely not true. Sure we have the example during school days of putting a cucumber in distilled water and watching it expand. The reason for this is the osmotic pressure, which exists in all organic cells. This comes about because there is a constant exchange between the inside and the outside of the cells and this regulates the salt content. So when distilled water suddenly surrounds the cells, with practically no salt in it, an instant balancing between the salt content inside the cell and the water outside the cell needs to happen. The pressure in the cell increases during this process and it can burst.

To deduce from this that the same thing would happen to our bodies when we drink distilled water is a sure sign of ignorance.  This can't happen because we all have large amounts of salt in the body. The last meal alone leaves a lot of salt in the stomach, which then mixes with the water consumed and is thereby no longer distilled water. The proof of this is the fact that thousands of people with distillers drink daily distilled water and I have never heard of any problem with this. On the contrary: people detoxify very well with this pure water and feel very well as a result.

As the French hydrologist, Professor Vincent established, the bodily detoxification processes function all the better, the purer the water is.

Q: As you have mentioned distillers, there are other ways to prepare drinking water, whether by distillation or carbon filtration. Why did you opt for the PowerWaterSystem?

Dr P: Because a PowerWaterSystem produces ideal water. That means water full of energy without pollutants and with a good pH value and natural oxygen. The water gets cleaned firstly via a membrane, also known as reverse osmosis. Through this molecular filtration one has the certainty that the water will be free of all these pollutants. For this reason membrane filtration technology has been used for decades in the fields of medicine and food production. 

Coal filters and other filters connected directly at the tap often don't filter out all pollutants and above all let through inorganic minerals. In addition the filtrate accumulates with time. If the filter for some reason becomes leaky, then pollutants can be emitted in higher amounts.

That can't happen with membrane filtration because the membrane gets regularly cleaned through flushing. The pollutants don't accumulate but pass out through the brine. This is very practical because apart from the filter changes and an occasional cleanse, there is no effort involved.

With distillers however I have to always prepare the amount of water I want. If I forget one evening to turn the distiller on, then I don't have any fresh water the following morning. The distillers are also loud and use quite a lot of electricity. With the current discussion on electro-smog, one has to ask oneself if it is sensible to connect a system for water preparation to an electricity source.

Q: So isn't a simple reverse osmosis system enough?

Dr P: In my opinion, no. The water is certainly pure but it no longer has natural energy or oxygen. Also a pH of 5 or 5.5 is too low. This is exactly where the technology of the PowerWaterSystem comes in - it enhances the now pure water into "ideal water", namely an energised, pure water with a good pH value and natural oxygen.

Q: Apart from many different filtration systems, there are other diverse systems for energisation as well as systems which produce alkaline water. What is a sensible choice and how can I find my way as a consumer?

Dr P: An important question for sure. I would generally recommend people to go by gut feeling and to ask themselves what is logical and what is natural. Pure and vital water is certainly something very natural and before we started polluting our environment, the rivers and lakes were undoubtedly cleaner and more vital than today. 

As gone over, energisation is an exciting subject. The prerequisite for that however should be of course water that is pure. It only makes sense to have energisation in combination with membrane filtration.

PowerWaterSystems have for me an extremely good system, one which covers all the points mentioned on what is ideal water. The energisation used for PowerWater represents something new and is corroborated by numerous tests and testimonials. I would like to refer you here to the "Quantum Fractal Tests" of Dr Ewald Toth and Peter Pfaffenbichler B.Sc..

Q: And what do you think of alkaline water?

Dr P: Well, it is really all about the subject of acid-alkaline balance and how one can achieve an alkaline lifestyle. I have personally been involved in this area a lot and I know that first and foremost, we need to go in the direction of nutrition and not water. Most important for me is to drink a lot of water and above all, pure water, in order to support the body getting rid of acids and impurities.

It is therefore totally illogical to raise the mineral content in an artificial way instead of filtering out inorganic minerals. Apart from the fact that a water is alkaline, there's nothing to say that beyond this, the water has an alkalising effect on the body or whether conversely acidic or a low mineral water has an acidifying effect on the body.
Lemon juice is for example quite acidic and has therefore a low pH. When one drinks it however, it has an alkalising effect on the body.

On this whole subject I would generally like to turn back to nature and ask where alkaline water actually occurs - the water in our cells for example (better known in technical jargon as intracellular water) has a pH value of between 6.2 and 6.8 and is thereby slightly acidic.

Thank you very much.
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Dr Petricevic-Riedl runs a practice for general medicine (inclusive of complementary practices) in Munich, Germany. Dr Petricevic-Riedl is recognised in Germany as an instructor for IPT (insulin potentised therapy).

For years she has been working with healthy nutrition and in this connection, with drinking water quality. Already in 2003 Dr Petricevic-Riedl bought a PowerWaterSystem for the practice and is today more convinced than ever that water should ideally be pure and vital.
Ideal drinking water could be defined as:

-  "alive" & full of energy - healthy crystal structure
-  unsaturated - pure, clean
-  having a good pH value
-  full of natural oxygen
People who drink PowerWater have something in common: they find it easy and pleasurable to drink a lot of it - no need to push themselves for the so necessary 2-3 litres a day.
Just naturally - they want it and they drink it. And their bodies say "thank you".
INTERVIEW with an expert on Healthy Water!

Dr. Desanka Petricevic-Riedl, Germany
Contributions of her work were published
in the following books and magazines:

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"Allergies.  The gentle revolution of a new healing method" 
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"IPT Insulin Potentised Therapy, with cancer, chronic infection disease and auto immune disease" published in Matrix 3000 magazine, October 2007

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