Ecology or "We are what we do!

Does is it really make ecological sense to transport water from France to England to sell it here?

Can you imagine how many lorry loads there must be, bringing water to the supermarkets? There are several hundred thousand every year. That's a lot of traffic congestion and air pollution! In addition imagine how much energy is necessary to produce and label these bottles. Imagine how much water is necessary to produce and transport bottled water.

Wouldn't it be a better solution to simply provide high quality water from the tap? How much would this contribute to a better management of our natural resources?

Now water supply companies need to use Chlorine. After they recycle or clean their water it still needs to be transported to our houses or offices and impurities can easily come in. Should they try to produce the highest drinking water quality, only 10% of it would actually be used for drinking. What would that cost? And what would then be the price for all the water we use?

No, the clever solution - the ecological and economical solution is to use the infrastructure of the mains supply, already available everywhere and enhance the water to IDEAL drinking water when we want it.

And have your own healthy mountain spring at home or in your office!

There is no need for an endless supply of bottled water!

Read also "Springing up in Whitehall, the bottled water revolt"
Daily Mail , Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Bottled water is being boycotted by the Government's food and drink watchdog in what green campaigners hope will inspire a consumer backlash."

Everyone can contribute, if only in the smallest of ways, by looking after the environment.

"We are what we do" - we want to close with this slogan from Robinson and Harvey and would like to ask you to inform yourself about this active worldwide movement via the website,
We are what we do

PowerWaterSystems is the intelligent solution.
Drink healthy water, save money and look after our nature! With our PowerWater HomeSystem, you are actively helping to protect the environment.

Together we are avoiding:

@ the exploitation of natural water resources
@ the wastage of water through the production of bottles for mineral water
@ the hundreds of thousands of van and lorries filling our roads with
    deliveries of bottled water every year
@ the wastage of materials and energy through the production of bottles
   the creation of rubbish in the form of lots of plastic

Get a PowerWaterSystem installed, like many happy customers.
Call us or write to us and then you can taste PowerWater and have your own healthy sping in your kitchen or office.
Call us or write to us and we will arrange an eye-opening test for you.
People who drink PowerWater have something in common: they find it easy and pleasurable to drink a lot of it - no need to push themselves for the so necessary 2-3 litres a day.
Just naturally - they want it and they drink it.
Ideal drinking water could be defined as:

-  "alive" & full of energy - healthy crystal structure
-  unsaturated - pure, clean
-  having a good pH value
-  full of natural oxygen
A PowerWaterSystem helps the environment by reducing the unnecessary burden created by the production and transportation of plastic bottles.
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