Ideal drinking water could be defined as:

-  "alive" & full of energy - healthy crystal structure
-  unsaturated - pure, clean
-  having a good pH value
-  full of natural oxygen
PowerWater Home System
The economical and safe solution

The PowerWater Home System is a compact processing unit which, thanks to the PowerWater technology, enhances the tap water to the purest, most biologically-valuable  water
for drinking.  It has been developed out of 50 years of production and R&D experience in the processing of drinking water. PowerWaterSystems, produced in Germany, are the new generation of healthy water sources.

How does the PowerWaterSystem work?
Through the PowerWaterSystem, your tap water is enhanced, via a total of 8 processing steps, into water with the qualities of fresh mountain spring water.

Steps 1 to 3 -
Preliminary Stages
Steps 1 to 3 are preliminary steps towards the protection of the high-performance membrane (step 4). During these steps, foreign bodies such as rust and sand, plus chlorine and lime are eliminated from your tap water.

Step 4 - Molecular Filtration -
Finest filtration

Production of the purest water occurs through the separation of foreign bodies on a molecular level. There are several reasons why water can penetrate the high-performance membrane. Contaminants however cannot.

First of all, the pores of the membrane are
extremely small in diameter (0.0001 microns).
                        As the foreign bodies are
                        much bigger than this, they
                        don’t pass through the pores
                        of the membrane.
                        picture shows the size of
                        bacteria, viruses etc. in
                        comparison to a water
                        molecule (the size of
                        a membrane pore).

                        The membrane operates as a very fine sieve, which only
                        allows the water molecules to pass through it. The quality
                        of this high-performance membrane is of vital importance.


                               Step 7 - Energisation - The recreation of the
                               crystalline structure

                         After tap water is purified it stays
                         biologically and energetically
neutral (dead). The natural crystalline structure of
the water - with the corresponding alignment of its
molecules - was destroyed through the cleaning
process of the water companies, the addition of
chlorine and the transportation of the water through the piping.

Step 8 - Vitalisation and “Swirling”
An internal swirler expands the inner surface of the water. Big spatial structures are reduced or fragmented into H2O molecules, whose combined surfaces are bigger than that of the original larger surface.
The bigger the inner surface of the water, the easier this water can penetrate the smallest capillaries and the easier the cells can exchange their water - which is loaded with metabolic waste.

In nature we find this whole swirling process present
in waterfalls and rivers with natural rocks.

Due to the combination of different technologies in a PowerWaterSystem, you get as a result the most pure, most vital and most energised water - something which is indispensable for your optimum wellness and longevity.

PowerWater has the quality of a pure, fresh, healthy spring - the kind of spring that used to exist in the mountains 100 years ago.
Step 5/6 Remineralisation and
Water Refinement
The pure water is then lightly remineralised by passing over rocks of shungite. Shungite contains almost all the elements of the periodic table but is free of lead and cadmium. It enriches the water with calcium and magnesium salts and has anti-bacterial properties.
There are various production methods and variations in quality that obviously influence the taste and quality of the water. The lifespan and the rejection rate of the pollutants are also dependent on this. The PowerWaterSystems combine top-quality deep-clean filters and high-performance coal filters with a highly efficient membrane and these remove unwanted impurities from the drinking water.
crystalline structure of tap water
crystalline structure of a healthy spring
A PowerWaterSystem uses the cutting-edge Biophotonic Energisation which creates an energy wave identical to the frequency of sunlight (photons), the motion of water molecules and the frequency of quartz. This frequency of nature's vibration brings to water molecules the high energy level of spring water. Spring water doesn't allow the uptake of negative information. In this way, the effect of destructive pollutants which can burden a body over a period of time, can be eliminated. The living water is now in a position to support the removal of toxins and deposits from the cells.

Through this “living” water,
the body can build up its self-cleansing ability and resistance. Additionally the water has a softer, sweeter and more pleasant taste.
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molecular filtration
human hair
Blood cell
Water Molecule
People who drink PowerWater have something in common: they find it easy and pleasurable to drink a lot of it - no need to push themselves for the so necessary 2-3 litres a day.
Just naturally - they want it and they drink it. And their bodies say "thank you".
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