With PowerWater you can save yourself a lot of money in the future.

So thanks to the PowerWaterSystem you can get at low cost your IDEAL healthy drinking water with the qualities and taste of a mountain spring.

No more dragging around heavy supplies of mineral water! Water for drinking, water for making coffee and tea, water for cooking - water for your whole family - your pets and your plants too!

No more recycling of all those bottles.

With a PowerWaterSystem you have a constant supply of fresh and healthy water in your home and in your office. As much as you want!

Save money
This healthy water produced in your own home costs about 1 pence per litre. So your PowerWaterSystem pays for itself very quickly!

Calculate for yourself:

If 1 person drinks a minimum of 2-3 Litres per day of bottled water
average 90p/ day =  about 27 / month

If there are two persons in a house who would like to take care of their health on a constant basis, this adds up to 56 per month.

What is if there is a family?
What about the pets?
What about the plants?

and last but not least what about the water for cooking?

The investment in a PowerWaterSystem is payed off very quickly and money will even be saved.

But what are you investing in in the first place?

What price can be put on health?

We from PowerWaterSystems want you to have IDEAL healthy water, because we know from our own experience the difference that it makes in one's overall feeling good and healthy. We want to make it possible for everyone to have the most important nutrient available: IDEAL DRINKING WATER. Therefore we offer you a range of financing possibilities. Ask us for a quote.

Get a PowerWaterSystem installed, like many happy customers. You may want to read some of their stories.
People who drink PowerWater have something in common: they find it easy and pleasurable to drink a lot of it - no need to push themselves for the so necessary 2-3 litres a day.
Just naturally - they want it and they drink it.
Ideal drinking water could be defined as:

-  "alive" & full of energy - healthy crystal structure
-  unsaturated - pure, clean
-  having a good pH value
-  full of natural oxygen
A PowerWaterSystem is cost effective as it uses the water supply already available in every kitchen and simply enhances it to IDEAL drinking water when it is needed.
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